Why do some NFL players say their high school when they are introduced? 

 November 20, 2021

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Why do some NFL players say their high school when they are introduced?


Why do some NFL players say their high school when they are introduced? Most stars state their college, but over the years, some players have had some fun with the ritual.

During many NFL prime-time games, players often introduce themselves and state their alma mater in front of the camera. The idea of ​​player introductions started with Monday Night Football in 1970, so it’s a tradition that goes back decades.



It actually originated with player introductions on college football broadcasts, when players would jog to the microphone to introduce themselves and name their school.

This quickly caught on in the NFL and has been a mainstay on big game days. But why do some NFL players say their high school when they are introduced? Let’s find out.

Why do some NFL players say their high school?

There could be a number of reasons why some NFL players say their high school in their introduction rather than their college.

Players are finally free to say whatever they want, so they can get creative or have fun (more on that later). Other reasons for saying they were in high school could be because they left college with poor grades. It’s not uncommon for some NFL players to have bad experiences in college, whether it’s a feud with a particular coach or various other dramas.

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Other reasons could be that a particular player just wants to shout out about his high school and give them an episode too. A lot of players may feel like they honed their skills especially in high school and owe them more in their careers.As Fred Gaudelli, producer of NBC’s Sunday Night Football Los Angeles Times:

“Some people leave unhappy with their college and decide to give their props to their high school, or they have a better experience in high school. So we always let them use the school they want to refer to.”

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Players can be as creative as they want

“We ask them to tell us your name and school, and then it’s up to them to decide how creative or straightforward they want to be,” Godley told SB country.

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“I mean, as long as it tastes good, we let them say you pretty much know what they want. I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone use bad taste, but that’s the bottom line if you will.”

Jalen Ramsey and other interesting player introduction examples

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey often uses “RPT Academy” in his introductions, even though he attended FSU.

RPT, about Jalen Ramsey’s Academy, stands for Ramsey Performance Training. Ramsey Performance Training is the company of Lamont Ramsey (Jalen’s father), which helped Jalen and his brother Jamal with their training when they were young.

Other famous and interesting examples include Randy Moss speaking about Rand University in 2012, Tony Gonzalez’s Anchorman/Ron Burgundy reference, Terrell Suggs’ Ball So Hard University, and Greg Hardy’s Hogwarts.

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