Twitter roasts Cowboys’ Anthony Brown after four DPI fouls with Raiders 

 December 5, 2021

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Twitter roasts Cowboys’ Anthony Brown after four DPI fouls with Raiders

Joshua RogersNovember 26, 2021

Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Twitter grilled Cowboys cornerback Anthony Brown for four DPI fouls against the Raiders on Thanksgiving.



The Las Vegas Raiders beat the Dallas Cowboys 36-33 in overtime in a fiery Thanksgiving encounter.

After a massive brawl between Roderic Teamer and Kelvin Joseph in the third quarter, Daniel Carlson sealed the victory with a 29-yard field goal in overtime.

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However, it was Anthony Brown’s four DPI fouls that caught the attention of Twitter, who roasted the Cowboys cornerback for his performance.

Raiders beat Cowboys in fiery Thanksgiving encounter

The scrimmage, which occurred with about 13 minutes left in the quarter, mainly involved Raiders safety Roderick Timmer and Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph.

After AJ Cole went out of bounds, the duo got into it. Both Teamer and Joseph were subsequently ejected from the game.

Twitter roasts Anthony Brown after receiving four DPI fouls

Another story of the game was cornerback Anthony Brown, who really had an unforgettable night.

Brown had just one penalty this season before Thursday’s game, but picked up four DPI fouls against the Raiders.

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His four costly pass interference penalties included an 11-yard penalty for covering Brian Edwards, a 30-yard penalty for covering Deshaun Jackson, a 17-yard penalty for covering Jackson and a 17-yard penalty for covering Zay Jones. was penalized 33 yards.

His last penalty put Las Vegas within range and they were able to convert and secure the win, thanks to Daniel Carlson.

Understandably, people were unhappy, with Cowboys fans roasting Anthony Brown on Twitter.

Brown admits it’s ‘just one of those days’

The Cowboys are down to 7-4 on the season after a disappointing overtime loss on Thanksgiving.

Afterward, Brown spoke to reporters about his foul issue, saying: “It’s frustrating, but at the same time, we have to deal with it.”

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“We’ve got to work on it. Another team is dealing with it. They’re getting calls too. So, we can’t complain. We just have to keep fighting.”

“It’s just one of those days,” added the cornerback. “I just have to watch this movie and see what we can improve and get better. I feel like I’m good for them all. I’ll try to turn my head around. . . . just to get better. Just thinking become better.”

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