Top 3 Inexpensive PC Monitors 

 July 12, 2022

Inexpensive monitors can also please you with good picture quality. They are usually bought with the expectation for 5-10 years of use. So it’s important to pick a model which doesn’t tire your eyes, has a quality matrix and a comfortable stand. Then you won’t have to regret the purchase and think about a replacement before time. Here are the best monitors for online sports betting in NewZealand, watching movies, reading the news and working with documents.


ASUS VA24ECE shows surprisingly well for its price class: it has decent color reproduction and a lot of useful features. There is a USB-C slot, which is almost unheard of in budget monitors. It will be useful for video signal transmission – for example, you can connect your MacBook.

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This monitor differs from low cost models by its IPS matrix. Compared with TN and VA, it transmits colors better and does not lose saturation in angles. The model is not recommended for photo processing, because the brightness is only 250 nits. But the monitor is comfortable and pleasant to watch TV shows and browse websites on the Internet – thanks to the backlighting without flicker. There is a blue filtering mode to prevent eye fatigue.


The monitor is also suitable for occasional gaming. The monitor supports Adaptive Sync to synchronize screen refresh rate with the frame rate of the game: so the image becomes smoother when the FPS is low or unstable. The maximum refresh rate of 75Hz is slightly smoother than the standard 60Hz.

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Otherwise, this is a typical monitor for the office and working from home. It’s assembled from squeaky plastic and doesn’t look sturdy overall, but it’s not particularly noticeable in use. The power supply is built into the monitor, so there won’t be a “brick” on a wire getting in the way under your desk.


The stand is low, with no height adjustment. But the standard VESA mount is compatible with brackets and stands of all tastes.


The monitor has only one HDMI input, but there is a USB-C input with video signal transmission support. However, you won’t be able to charge your laptop from the monitor if you connect it to the port. The power of the port is only 15 watts, while the computer needs at least 30 watts.

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You can also connect your smartphone with the OTG standard, as some Samsung and Huawei devices have it. We only need to add a wireless keyboard and mouse to the scheme, and it will be a good substitute for a laptop for studying, communicating and working with text.

ViewSonic VX2418-P-MHD

ViewSonic VX2418-P-MHD is an inexpensive option for games and movies. It has a VA matrix with saturated colors and high contrast.


But the color rendering of the screen is far from ideal, as well as in other models with VA. Moreover, these monitors are characterized by backlighting: light spots are noticeable on a dark background due to uneven backlighting and imperfectly adjusted screen frame. So, the monitor isn’t suitable for photo retouching or graphic design.

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The screen has a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz. The monitor is suitable for those who are just starting out in cyber sports and online shooter games and for whom a smooth and fast motion picture is important. Note that the monitor suffers from ghosting or residual image: when the picture is rapidly changing pixels do not have time to update and the image stretches barely visible “trace”. In more expensive models, there is no such disadvantage.


The frequency of 165 Hz is only available when connecting via DisplayPort – the cable is included. There are also a couple of HDMI 1.4 connectors for connecting a laptop or game console, which usually do not need more than 60 Hz anyway.

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The included stand is pretty low and only has a little tilt adjustment. But there is a standard VESA mount for the bracket. The pair of built-in 2W speakers doesn’t sound very good, so it’s better to use separate speakers or plug in headphones. The monitor has a 3.5mm jack for them.


AOC X24P1 is a mid-range monitor for home and office. With strict design, comfortable adjustable stand and a lot of ports. If you don’t like the standard black color, there is a light gray option.


Installed a high-quality IPS panel – without flicker and with good color rendering. This is enough for amateur photo and video processing. The brightness of 300 nits is enough for home and office, but it’s better not to expose the screen to direct sunlight.

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With a diagonal of 24 inches, the image is quite clear. Because of the 16:10 aspect ratio the screen resolution is atypical – 1920 × 1200 pixels. This format is well suited for working with text, code, tables and graphics editors, as the screen fits more lines of text or interface elements.


The maximum screen refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz. The AOC X24P1 was not designed for gaming, but if you rarely run fast platformers and competitive shooters, the standard frame rate is fine.


The design of the stand is clever. You can adjust the tilt angle, change the height of the screen and even rotate it by 90° in portrait mode. It will be useful for working with text and reading websites, simplifying the connection of cables. There is a VESA mount to hang the monitor on the wall.

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