How to read someone’s text messages without their phone free 

 April 18, 2022

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There are certain things that a caring spouse and worried parent needs to do for their loved one’s safety. It can be a concern related to your spouse, whose change of habits regarding being on their phone a lot recently is a concern to you. Another major reason is making sure your children are far from trouble.

To ease these concerns, spying on their text messages can help a lot, and you will know what they have been up to. Texting is a useful medium of communication, but it can also easily be dangerous. There are many dangerous people in the digital world that can manipulate your child through SMS or social media.

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To stay away from such individuals, you’d want to read your child’s text messages. You’d also want to do this without their phone as children and people alike keep their phones with them close all the time. 

It can be difficult to spy on someone’s text messages that keep their phone always close to them. Luckily, the technology today has been so improved that there are now several methods that allow you to read someone’s text messages without physical access to their phone.

Methods to read someone’s text messages for free

If it’s your first time trying to hack into someone’s phone to access their text messages, you’d want to approach a method that is free as you’re unsure if you can do it or not. There are a few free spying methods that help you to spy on someone’s text messages quite easily.

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Midnight Raid

This is a frequent method that hackers use to easily infiltrate a phone. It’s a completely free method, and you don’t require a third-party app to do a midnight raid. This method is called a midnight raid because it is done at midnight when everyone in your house is asleep, so you don’t get caught. Trusted hackers can find a solution to see text messages of your spouse.

A hacker tool kit will be used to perform a midnight raid. This just includes a laptop, two phones, and a stable wifi connection. One phone acts as a GSM modem for the laptop, and the other one receives information. To perform a midnight raid, you:

  • You’ve to send a text message saying “you are being hacked” to the person you want to hack. The message invokes the browser on the phone after it gets the text message.
  • An app runs on the phone that receives data. The message you sent returns back to you with the target phones ID (its IMSI number).
  • The app can now steal private information from the app. You can easily read the target’s text messages as now you have access to their phone’s private data.
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Phishing is the method that is done by hacking a phone by text messages. These text messages are supposed to lure the target into clicking on the link that is attached to the text you send. This link opens up either a malicious website or a malware-filled app. Both of these can hack the person’s phone.

To successfully achieve this method, the text you send should be disguised in a way that it feels like it’s been sent by a legitimate source, so the target clicks on it without suspicion.

Spam messages

This method is usually done through emails or text. Similar to phishing, you send texts that look like they came from real websites and lure the person into clicking the link that’s attached with the text. The difference is that in this method, you spam the person with texts until they get annoyed and click on the link to make the spamming stop. Hire a hacker is recommend for such task

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With this method, you can hack the person’s Google account, and as a Google account has access to everything, you can easily read text messages on the target phone and get access to other private information.

Using a Spyware app

Using a spyware app is the most effortless and easiest method to read someone’s text messages with. It requires no need to access a phone physically and remotely hacks into a phone with ease. Nova spy is one of the best spyware apps that have tons of useful features and many qualities that help it stand out among all other spyware apps.

Nova spy may not be free, but it’s at a very affordable price. Nova spy makes it worth the price it costs due to the many qualities and features it has.

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Can you read someone’s text messages with Nova spy?

With Nova spy, you can easily and effortlessly read someone’s text messages. Nova spy allows you to view entire text conversations on your target’s phone. The app can show texts from SMS and any social media app such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on the target phone.

Using a keylogger

Nova spy has a keylogger tool as well, which is another way you can easily access someone’s text messages as well. A keylogger records all keystrokes made on the phone. This way, you can get access to entire text conversations and also the person’s passwords and usernames.

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Other features of Nova spy

Social media access

Nova spy gives you complete social media access. You can access all the social apps on the target phone, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

No jailbreak

Nova spy, unlike many spy apps, does not require jailbreaking or rooting of the phone. Nova spy protects your phone’s security and avoids compromising your phone.

Location access

With the Nova spy app, you can get access to someone’s GPS location. The app can show their current location and previously visited locations.

Call log access

With Nova spy, you can see the entire call log history of your target. You can view outgoing calls, incoming calls, call durations, blocked calls, deleted calls, and the entire contact list.

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User-friendly interface

Nova spy has a very user-friendly interface that lets you know all about its features and qualities very easily.

Browser history

With the access to browsing history, you can easily view what your children see on the internet.

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