How Important is Digital Transformation? 

 March 27, 2022

How important is digital transformation

Digital has radically changed the way businesses operate. The use of new information and communication technologies is essential, in particular to build customer loyalty, and thus face up to competition.

What does Digital Transformation Actually Bring?

Digital has completely changed the working methods of many companies. ICT, information and communication technologies, have evolved enormously in recent years. An evolution generated in particular by the arrival of smartphones, tablets and the success of social networks. Thus, it is much easier to work remotely these days. An executive traveling abroad can, for example, organize a meeting with his collaborators using videoconferencing tools. In addition, on the web, a multitude of networking platforms have appeared. These are for the self-employed. For example, some casino companies put writers or freelance Web developers in contact with contractors. Want to understand how digitization works in a casino company? Read more on Service providers therefore have the choice of responding to requests on these platforms.

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The processing, analysis and exploitation of digital data are also the result of digital transformation. Indeed, big data is a major economic challenge for companies. The data collected can be used to measure customer satisfaction, for example. Thanks to social networks such as Facebook, it is possible to interact with customers and know their opinion on a particular product or service. The information collected will be used to enrich your database, and will allow you to improve your services and products.

The Internet is firmly rooted in the daily lives of consumers. To find solutions to their problems, they consult blog articles, watch videos or go to discussion forums. This is why it is essential to draw their attention to the web. Implementing a digital marketing strategy is essential to attract and retain customers. To achieve this, you can notably finance a digital advertising campaign. Know that you will significantly reduce your communication costs by adopting digital media rather than traditional media.

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Inbound Marketing, a Strategy from the Digital Age

Digital transformation has given rise to an effective strategy called inbound marketing. This consists, first of all, of becoming your own media and building a qualified audience. More concretely, it is a question of attracting potential customers by creating content on the internet: blog articles, creation of a career site, videos, etc. Once the visitors of your site are identified, you will need to collect information in order to be able to contact them, and thus promote your products and services. To do this, you can opt for digital means of communication such as mailings or newsletters.

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Note that it is also possible to use traditional communication tools: telephones, letters, etc. By proceeding in this way, you will encourage your prospects to buy your products or use your various services. However, now you have to think about building customer loyalty. Thereafter, you can encourage your customers to become ambassadors for your company. If they are fully satisfied with what you offer them, they will naturally promote your brand to their loved ones and on social networks.

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