Apple Bringing AirPlay, iMessage to Mac OS X? 

 October 25, 2011


Apple engineers are hard at work attempting to bring AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage support to future versions of OS X Lion, according to 9to5Mac. AirPlay Mirroring, which is currently available for iPhone and iPad users running iOS 5, allows users to wirelessly broadcast cotent through an Apple TV.

Since AirPlay mirrors everything on screen, not just video content, the option is also useful for presentations or slideshows.

Besides mirroring, rumor has it that iChat will incorporate iMessage in the near future. The free messaging between iOS devices became an incredibly popular addition in the last update. Incorporating iMessage in OS X should make it even easier for people to stay connected, whether at home or on the go.

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Since the above is pure speculation, no release date is currently available.

Stay tuned for futher information.

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