7 wonders of the world: most beautiful casino houses 

 March 14, 2022


It is quite true that the popularity of online casinos is increasing at a rapid pace. However, a big chunk of gamblers still feels more inclined towards land-based casinos. If we talk about the seven wonders of the casino world, we will be covering seven areas of the world that are famous in this domain. The guys from Exycasinos helped us to prepare this listicle. To have a better idea, let’s read about the places in the lines that are considered heavens for casino lovers.

Venetian, Macau

It is one of the best Asian places that are typically popular for its casino options. The area is expanded around 530000 square feet and it consists of more than 3500 slot machines, 500 gaming tables and much more. The whole area is designated to the casino mechanisms and the huge-sized 39 story building makes it one of the biggest casino wonders of the world.


Bellagio, Las Vegas

If we talk about Hollywood movies, you will see that it majorly shows Las Vegas as the main casino wonder of the world. The Bellagio casino is typically famous for its elegance and unique appeal. The casino has more than 40 poker tables, up to 2300 slots and the players can get a gambling experience of their lifetime. Moreover, it comes with multiple eye-catching rewards for the players that come here at a regular basis.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

It is actually the 2nd casino wonder that lies in the Las Vegas area. The main highlight is that it is built on the classic model of Julius Caesar’s palace. The gaming opportunities are quite immense and the players can have multiple winning options to polish their gambling skills. The best feature is that it is suitable for both the professionals and the players that come with a recreational point of view.

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Sun City Resort, South Africa

If we move out of the American boundaries and move towards the African peninsula, we can see Sun City Resort as one of the biggest giants of the casino world. It has up to 40 gaming tables with 1000+ slots for players from all over the world. The bonus feature is that the experienced players can have a go at private tables of their own.

The Empire, London

A classic building, multiple gaming floors and up to 500 slot games are everything you can get at this wonder of the casino world. Along with the gaming and winning opportunities, you can also visit an Asian-themed restaurant.

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Winstar World, Oklahoma

It should be clear till now that the United States is the most significant area of the casino world. Talking about a giant area with multiple gaming and gambling prospects, Winstar World in Oklahoma offers up to 6700 slot games for the players.

Casio-Baden Germany

The seventh wonder of the casino world lies in Germany, where Casino Baden is the talk of the town. Its specialty is that it was built back in 1824 and since then, it has been attracting players and tourists from all over the world.

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